This year’s symposium theme is Emerging Issues in Education. The rapidly evolving world presents challenges that demand attention from educational researchers, teachers, students, and stakeholders alike. This context underscores the crucial role of research in addressing pressing concerns such as technological integration in classrooms, inclusive learning environments, evolving teaching methodologies, and the impact of globalization on educational practices. Understanding and navigating these emerging issues through research becomes pivotal to fostering holistic improvements in education across diverse landscapes. With those in mind, the Faculty of Education (FED) at the University of Macau invites proposals by FED postgraduate students in all fields of education that explore educational practices in varied educational contexts. These proposals can be on any aspect of education across all geographical regions. The language of the symposium is English.

The symposium provides opportunities for FED postgraduate students at the Master’s and doctorate levels to: practice giving conference papers and poster presentations in a friendly environment; present research to peers and experienced supervisors in a collegial and helpful environment; meet other postgraduate researchers in the faculty working on similar areas of research; receive constructive feedback from the audience; and get a sense of the wide range of postgraduate research being undertaken in FED.