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Attendees Group Photo


Preamble – Barry Lee Reynolds

Opening Remarks – Faculty of Education Dean Chuang Wang

Keynote Speech – Zhisheng (Edward) Wen

Presentation #1 – Tianjiao (Tina) Song – “The Effects of Lexical Coverage and Topic Familiarity on the Comprehension of L2 Expository Texts”

Presentation #2 – Hong Li – “The Impact of Reading Strategy Instruction on Reading Comprehension, Strategy Use, Motivation, and Self-efficacy in Chinese University EFL Students”

Presentation #3 – Jiajing Li – “Measuring English Language Learners’ Self-efficacy in Vocabulary Learning: Instrument Development and Validation”


Presentation #4 – Ziying Wang – “Filial Piety, Destiny Love Belief, and Adolescent Romantic Relationships: A Gender Perspective”

Presentation #5 – Hongzhen Cheng – “Revising Grit: How much does it overlap with resilience?”

Presentation #6 – Tianxue Cui – “How to promote academic resilience among socio-economically disadvantaged Chinese students?”

Poster Session

Presentation #7 – Feng Geng – “Doctoral Students’ Academic Emotions Towards Feedback on Academic Writing”

Presentation #5 – Wendong Li – “Understanding the Second Language Socialization Experiences of International Students in China”